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Appendix A - Setting the environment for local mail users
Appendix B - Mail receiving and delivering system
Appendix C - Processing incoming mail your own way
Appendix D - Tools
Appendix D - AMailer commands

AMailer - Installation

The installation of AMailer is performed during the installation of MMAIL.

The installation of MMAIL is fully automated and is started by command

The installation process goes through two phases
  1. The first fase cares for creating all the modules, programs, and service programs. This phase is activated by comand MMAIL/COMPILE
  2. The second phase is driven by command MMAIL/INSTALL and performs the following:
    • Restore directory /mmail
    • Amailer installation (command MMAIL/AMINSTALL).
      This will
      • Create directory /AMailer
        This directory will contain user subdirectories where mail documents are stored as IFS stream files.
      • Create AMailer data areas, physical and logical files in library QGPL
      • Create validation list QGPL/AMAILER
    • Restore libraries HPT and TIFFLIB. these libraries are used by command MMAIL/CVTSPLFPDF.
    • User selection of the time-zone format (command MMAIL/TIMEZFMT)
    • User definition of the Company-Confidential statement (command MMAIL/SETCONFID)
    • User selection of the favorite SPLF to PDF conversion tool (command MMAIL/CVTTOPDF)
    • Displays the HTTP directives of an Apache HTTP instance able to run AMailer
      via command dspf '/mmail/conf/httpd.conf'.
      Please read carefully the initial comments to know how to install and to run this HTTP instance.

Worth be noted that Amailer user data are totally external to library MMAIL. In fact, local mail messages are stored in directory /AMailer (which is not part of MMAIL) and local user data are in library QGPL.
This means that the installation of a new realease of library MMail, unless otherwise outlined, has no impact on current local AMailer data.

Important note on validation lists.
User access to Amailer is controlled via validation lists. System value QRETSVRSEC must be set to 1, to enable HTTP server to receive passwords from the validation lists.