CMD        PROMPT('Message to distrib. list')                       
             PARM       KWD(SENDERID) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20) MIN(1) +               
                          PROMPT('Sender''s ID')                                 
             PARM       KWD(SUBJECT) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(70) MIN(1) +                
             PARM       KWD(TEXT) TYPE(*PNAME) LEN(256) MIN(1) +                 
                          PROMPT('Stmf containing message text')                 
             PARM       KWD(DATALIB) TYPE(*NAME) LEN(10) +                       
                          DFT(MMAILDATA) PROMPT('Control files +                 
             PARM       KWD(DSTL) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(4) DFT(*ALL) +                 
                          MIN(0) PROMPT('To distribution list')                  
             PARM       KWD(DSTTYPE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(1) RSTD(*YES) +             
                          DFT(A) VALUES(A B) MIN(0) +                            
                          PROMPT('Distribution type')                            
             PARM       KWD(ATTACHMENT) TYPE(*PNAME) LEN(256) +                  
                          DFT(*NONE) SPCVAL((*NONE '/NIL')) MIN(0) +             
                          PROMPT('Stmf containing an attachment')                
             PARM       KWD(ATTACHTYPE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(10) +                    
                          RSTD(*YES) DFT(*TEXT) VALUES(*TEXT *HTML +             
                          *PDF *JPG *OTHER) PMTCTL(P1) PROMPT('Type +            
                          of attachment')                                        
             PARM       KWD(BMODE) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(4) RSTD(*YES) +               
                          DFT(*NO) VALUES(*YES *NO) +                            
                          PMTCTL(*PMTRQS) PROMPT('Execute in batch +             
 P1:         PMTCTL     CTL(ATTACHMENT) COND((*NE '/NIL'))