*  Distribution lists                                                      
      * This file contains multiple distribution lists.                          
      * Each distribution list is identified by the contents of field DSTLID.    
     A                                      UNIQUE                               
     A          R DSTRCD                    TEXT('Distrib. list record')         
     A            DSTLID         4A         TEXT('Distribution list ID')         
     A                                      COLHDG('Distribution' 'list' 'ID')   
     A            DSTEMAIL      50A         TEXT('E_Mail')                       
     A                                      COLHDG('E_Mail')                     
     A            DSTLNAME      30A         TEXT('Last name')                    
     A                                      COLHDG('Last name')                  
     A            DSTFNAME      30A         TEXT('First name')                   
     A                                      COLHDG('First name')                 
     A            DSTCOMP       50A         TEXT('Company name')                 
     A                                      COLHDG('Company name')               
     A            DSTCITY       30A         TEXT('City')                         
     A                                      COLHDG('City')                       
     A            DSTSTATE      30A         TEXT('State/Province')               
     A                                      COLHDG('State' '/' 'Province')       
     A            DSTCOUNTRY    30A         TEXT('Country')                      
     A                                      COLHDG('Country')                    
     A            DSTSTATUS      1A         TEXT('Status 1/0 active/inactive')   
     A                                      COLHDG('1/0' 'active/inactive')      
     A                                      DFT('1')                             
     A          K DSTLID                                                         
     A          K DSTEMAIL