*  Sender ID's                                                             
      *  Each record in this file provides the information                       
      *  needed to specify a Sender in a M.I.M.E. message                        
     A                                      UNIQUE                               
     A          R SIDRCD                    TEXT('Sender data record')           
     A            SIDID         20A         TEXT('Sender''s ID')                 
     A                                      COLHDG('Sender''s ID')               
     A            SIDNAME       50A         TEXT('Sender name')                  
     A                                      COLHDG('Sender name')                
     A            SIDRPTH       50A         TEXT('Return path')                  
     A                                      COLHDG('Return' 'path')              
     A            SIDEMAIL      30A         TEXT('Sender''s e-mail')             
     A                                      COLHDG('Sender''s' 'email')          
     A          K SIDID