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Public Source
Main utilities
5250 utility
Windows utility
Service program
Sample code
CGI support
AddHyper(), add hyperlinks to a stream file   
AFP to PDF transform, i5 -  
AFPTOOL, spool-to-pdf conversion command  
API's, examples of using system -  
Archiving outbound e-mail messages  
Automated e-mailing of PDF's  
Automated e-mailing of spool files
CGI support  
ChkIfs(), check whether an IFS file exists   
CL program, EML... commands in a -   
Cloning the MMAIL library  
Coding examples  
Commands (MMAIL)  
Commands, mime FILE -  
Commands, miscellaneous -  
Commands, setup -  
COMPILE setup command (Recreate modules and programs)   
Conversion tool, spool to PDF default -  
Convert a stream file to another CCSID  
Converting spool files to PDF's  
CPYSPLFPDF, spool-to-pdf conversion command  
CREATEIPDF, spool-to-pdf conversion command   
CRTCMDS setup command (Recreate commands)   
CRTMIME command (Create a MIME file)   
CRTMSRVPGM setup command (Create SENDMAIL *srvpgm)   
CRTPNLS setup command (Recreate panel groups)   
CrtWrkF(), create an ASCII work stream file   
Customized e-mail message, example of -  
CVTFRMB64, command to decode a BASE64 stream file   
CVTSPLFPDF, spool-to-pdf conversion command  
CVTSPLSTMF, spool-to-pdf conversion command  
CVTTOB64, command to encode a stream file to BASE64   
CVTTOPDF, command to run the default spool-to-pdf conversion utility   
Debug command, Enhanced - (EDBG)   
Default message body for EML... commands   
DFTSICON command (Default Subject Icon)   
Distribution lists, work with -  
DSPPROP command (Display message properties)   
Duplicating a MMAIL installation to other systems  
DUPMMAIL setup command (Duplicate MMAIL library)   
E-mail address validation 
E-mail save files  
E-mail simple message 
E-mail source members  
E-mail spool files  
E-mail stream files home page  
EDBG command, Enhanced Debug   
EMBEDSPLF command, Embed a spooled file into a message body   
EML... commands in a CL program   
EML... commands, default message body for -   
EMLDFTBODY setup command (Dft body text for EML... commands)   
EMLHTML command (E-mail HTML files)   
EMLHTML2 command (E-mail HTML file with attach.s)   
EMLMSG command (E-mail simple message)   
EMLNOTE command (E-mail a note)   
EMLPTUMSG command (E-mail impromptu message)   
EMLQPMSG command (E-mail Quoted-Printable impromptu message)   
EMLSAVF command (E-mail save files)   
EMLSMPTEMM command (E-mail impromptu msg with attach.s)   
EMLSPL command (E-mail spool files)   
EMLSPLX command (E-mail spool files)   
EMLSPL2 command (E-mail spool files)   
EMLSPL3 command (E-mail spool files)   
EMLSRCM command (E-mail source members)   
EMLSTMF command (E-mail stream files)   
EMLTXTSTMF command (E-mail text file with attach.s)   
ENBSPLFACT command (Enable Spooled File Actions)   
ENDEMLSPLF command (End E-Mailing Spool Files)   
ENDMONIFS command (End Monitoring IFS)   
Enhanced Debug command, EDBG   
Example of customized e-mail message  
Examples, coding -  
Exit points (for some SendMail *srvpgm exported procedures)  
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  
Frequently asked questions  
General considerations on trouble shooting  
GetDftCharset(), retrieve the default Character set   
HTTPCFG setup command (MMAIL HTTP directives)   
Infoprint Server 
Information about the last sent e-mail message 
Installation, MMAIL -  
INSTALLZIP setup command (Install ZIP/UNZIP QPASE&QSHELL)   
Introduction, MMAIL -  
IPDF (creation of PDF documents on the iSeries)
IPDFCMDPRO command ( CREATEIPDF prototypes)   
I5 OS AFP to PDF transform  
Last sent e-mail message, Information about the - 
Logging messages  
Main utilities  
Manage spool files  
Merge job spool files  
Message building procedures - Reference tables  
Message logging  
MIME file commands   
MIME files  
MimeBldF(), create an empty MIME file   
MimeClose(), close a MIME file   
MimeCpyTxt(), embed an IFS text stream file   
MimeCrtF(), create an empty MIME file   
MimeDistr(), add distribution headers   
MimeImbAtt(), embed -or attach a message part   
MimeImbDbf(), embed or attach a database file   
MimeImbHtml(), embed a HTML stream file   
MimeImbNul(), embed a null body   
MimeImbSpl(), embed or attach a spool file   
MimeImbSrc(), embed or attach a source member   
MimeImbTxtF(), embed a text stream file   
MimeImpo(), append the importance header   
MIMEMENU command (MIME files Menu)   
MimeMultip(), append the Content-Type: MULTIPART/MIXED; BOUNDARY:"...  
MimeNotif(), add the Disposition Notification header   
MimeNullBody(), embed a null body   
MimePrio(), append the priority header   
MimeRpyTo(), add the Reply-to header   
MimeRtnPth(), add Return-path header   
MimeSender(), add the Sender header   
MimeSens(), append the sensitivity header   
MimeSplPdf(), convert a spool file to PDF and attach it   
MimeStrBody(), start a message body   
MimeSubj(), append the subject header    
MimeUpdTxt(), customize a stream file and append it to a message file  
MimeVarTxt(), customize a template stream file  
Miscellaneous commands   
MMAIL installation  
MMAIL prerequisites  
MMAILWTR, command to keep MMAIL writer active   
MNGSPLF command (Manage spool files)   
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions  
NORLSINFO setup command (Stop warning for a new release)   
NOSUBJECT setup command (Set dft for missing subject)   
PDF, converting spool file to -  
PDF, spool to - default conversion tool  
PDF's, automated emailing of -  
POSTANOTE command (Post an E-mail note)   
Prerequisites, MMAIL -  
Procedures of SendMail service program  
Procedures to complete and to send a MIME file  
Procedures to create the "body" of a MIME file  
Procedures, miscellaneous  
QTMHHTP1 setup command (QTMHHTTP&QTMHHTP1 authorities)   
QtmmSendMail API  
Questions, frequenly asked -  
READDIR command (Read directory)   
REBIND setup command (Rebind MMAIL programs)   
RELEASED command (Info about MMAIL release)   
Resend failed e-mail messages  
RtvDftCsid(), retrieve default CCSID   
RtvExeEnv(), retrieve execution environment   
RtvObjLib(), retrieve object library   
RtvSplFA(), retrieve spooled file attributes   
RtvSplFTit(), retrieve spooled file title   
RTVSTMF command (Retrieve stream files)   
Sample code  
Save files, e-mail -  
Send a MIME file  
SendMail service program  
SendMail(), mail the complete MIME file   
Service program  
Service program, SendMail -  
SETCGILIB setup command (Enable CGI lib. for MIME&Mail)   
SETCONFID setup command (Company-confidential statement)   
SETEMDELAY setup command (Delay between 2 outgoing mails)   
SetJobCsid(), set job CCSID   
SETMAILLIB setup command (Enable lib. for MMAIL dev.)   
SETMSGLVL setup command (Set MMAIL message level)   
SETSPLFPDF command (Set command CVTSPLFPDF options)   
SETSPLFPDF command (Set command CVTSPLFPDF options)   
SETSPLSTMF command (Set command CVTSPLSTMF options)   
Setup commands   
Simple message, e-mail a - 
SMS facility  
SMTP attributes change in V7R1  
SNDMIME command (Send a MIME file9   
SNDSMPTEMM command (Send SMTP E-mail Message)   
Source members, e-mail -  
SPLFTOPDF command (Convert spool file to pdf)   
SPLPDFCVT command (SPL-to-PDF conversion param.s)   
Spool files, automated emailing of - 
Spool files, converting - to PDFs  
Spool files, e-mail -  
Spool files, merge -  
Spool to PDF default conversion tool  
Spooled File Actions  
StgToIfs(), write a text string to an IFS stream file   
STMFCVT command (Convert a stream file)   
Stream files, e-mail -  
STREMLSPLF command (Start E-Mailing Spool Files)   
STRMONIFS command (Start Monitoring IFS)   
Subject icons  
System API's, examples of using -  
TempCrtF(), create an empty "temporary" IFS file   
TESTEMAILA setup command (Test an e-mail address)   
TIMEZFMT setup command (Select time zone format)   
Timezone setup  
Trouble shooting 
UNZIP command (Unzip a stream file)   
UPDEXITP command, Update MMAIL Exit Points   
UPDMMLIB setup command (Update a MMAIL cloned library)   
Validation of e-mail addresses  
VldEmail(), validate e-mail address   
VLDEMLADDR setup command (Validate e-mail addresses?)   
V7R1, SMTP attributes change  
WEB utilities  
Windows utility  
WRKADDR setup command (Work with Address Book)   
WRKEMLPDF command (PDF e-mail directories)   
WRKGRP setup command (Work with Groups)   
WRKMDTBC command (Work with Mandatory Blank Copies)   
WRKMIME command (Work w/ documented MIME files)   
WRKSPLF, WEB utility  
WRKSPLFACT command (Work with Spooled File Action)   
WRKUSREML command (USRPRFs e-mail addresses)   
WRKWTR, WEB utility  
ZIP command (Zip stream files)   
5250 utility