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Define users
Work as user
Appendix A - Setting the environment for local mail users
Appendix B - Mail receiving and delivering system
Appendix C - Processing incoming mail your own way
Appendix D - Tools
Appendix E - AMailer commands

AMailer - iSeries WEB Mail

MMail did provide a flexible tool to send e-mail.

No tool however was available within MMail to receive e-mail. To receive e-mail you need some basic facilities:

  • a POP-client, that contacts POP-servers asking for mail
  • an e-mail presentation manager, able to understand the structure of a mail (MIME) document, and to display both its body and its attachments

If you implement such a mail-receiver, you are one step from providing a complete mailer. Just add facilities to reply to mail messages, send new messages, organize your mail, set up your address book and you are done.

This is what AMailer is:

  • a WEB mailer for IBM iSeries
  • using at full extent the iSeries Integrated File System (IFS)
    to store incoming, outgoing and archived e-mail messages and attachments
  • totally written in ILE-RPG CGI
  • open-source (full sources, no charge)
  • imbedded in the MMAIL utility and integrated with it

This is what you can do with it:

  • define multiple users
    • users can be "Local" or "Internet"
    • "local" users are not enrolled as mail customers at any Internet Service Provider (ISP); however, they may connect to the iSeries server running AMailer, exchange mail messages among themselves, even send mail to any regular internet e-mail user, but cannot receive mail from internet e-mail users, because they are not served by any ISP (therefore they are no one in the Internet world).
      Example of such users could be all the people in a Company running an iSeries.
    • "internet" users own individual Internet e-mail addresses, and are used to manage their mail on PC's. Now, with AMailer they can also manage their mail through their iSeries. This could be a useful backup solution.
    • See Define User Accounts and Appendix A.
  • logon as a mail user and
    • receive, display, and catalog your incoming mail
    • reply to messages or send new messages
    • See Work as user and Appendix D.
  • start a never-ending batch job (named POSTMAN) that, at a given time interval, receives and delivers to the AMailer users their incoming mail
  • process the incoming mail for a given user with your own programs

AMailer is included in the iSeries MIME & Mail Utility (library MMAIL) distributed by this Easy400 site. For prerequisites and so on, see this page.

AMailer is authored by Giovanni B. Perotti, Italy.