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Work with the Address Book

When the time comes to send a MIME file, the utility will ask you to specify its distribution. However, you are not allowed to key in the e-mail addresses of the recipients. You have instead to select addressee names from an Address Book and or to select Groups (distribution lists).
This page shows how you can maintain the Address Book.
Type command


Initially your address book has no entries:

Figure 1- The Address Book is empty

Press F6 to add entries:

Figure 2- Adding an entry to the Address Book

After adding a few entries, the Address Book will look like Figure 3. Please note that the entries are sorted by last name.

Figure 3- Address Book sorted by name

You may press F14 to sort it by e-mail address:

Figure 4- Address Book sorted by e-mail

You may use option 2 to update an entry and option 4 to delete an entry.