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Work with Groups

Groups (distribution lists) are collections of Address Book entries.
You may send your MIME files to Groups. Using groups has two advantages:

  1. you do not have to mention addressees one by one
  2. you are not showing to the recipients the names and the e-mail addresses of your destinations (a way to protect other people e-mail addresses from spamming).

This page shows how you can maintain Groups.
Type command


Initially you have no groups:

Figure 1- There are no Groups

Press F6 to define a new group

Figure 2- Defining a New Group

... but the group is empty (look at the 0 just after the group description)!

Figure 3. A new Group created, but still empty

Use option 2 to edit the group:

Figure 4- Editing an empty Group

Press F6 to add entries.
You will pick entries from the Address Book.

Figure 5- Selecting entries from the Address Book

After pressing the Enter key, the entries selected do not show any longer:

Figure 6- Any more entries to select?

Select more entries, if you need to.
Once finished, press F12 (or just press Enter without selecting any entries):

Figure 7- End of populating a Group

You may remove entries by using option 4.
Press F12 again (or just press Enter without selections):

Figure 8- Back to the first screen